Formidable Jason Rose

Rude Boy Magazine Jason Rose is a 21 year old recording artist, rapper, emcee and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. He attended Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, known for it’s notable alumni such as artist Jean-Michael Basquiat and Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch. Here is where Rose became close friends with a number of rappers, some of who eventually became members of the aspiring hip-hop collective known as Pro Era. One of their members, Capital STEEZ, happened to be his best friend even prior to the group’s existence. The two of them would always freestyle and battle with other schoolmates during our breaks, but while Rose saw it as nothing more than having fun, STEEZ had an immense passion for hip-hop and had a dream to be a successful rap artist. At the time, Rose had a couple of songs written, but nothing too serious. He had never bothered going to a recording studio, but deep down, he knew that he would break out as a rapper one day. Rose says that nothing he ever tried has matched the way music made him feel throughout the years, and it wasn’t until STEEZ passed away in December of 2012, that the fire inside him ignited and give him the push he needed. Rose created a brand new hip-hop collective with close friends, which they called LPC, using it as an acronym for a number of things, like the L Park Cartel, Link People Closer, Look Past Corruption, Logic Plus Compassion, Lost Pharaohs Communicating, etc. Fellow members and rappers include Luke Buddha, Romey Rome, and Meyelo (pronounced Milo). They are currently working on their debut compilation project as well as their own solo projects. The first music video and single off of his current debut solo project, titled One Time, was just released on July 7th in honor of STEEZ and his birthday. Jason Rose am currently working hard and tediously in the studio to make sure that this album is everything he wants it to be. Titled R.O.S.E., an acronym for Rise, Overcome, Succeed, Elevate, you can expect it to be released sometime late 2014/early 2015. You can follow Jason Rose on Facebook at Check out his music on SoundCloud at Jason Rose – One Time Jason Rose x Luke Buddha – Bye, Bye, Babble On Jason Rose – Myself & One Mic

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