Jame$ Dean, Keeping House Music Strong


Jame$ Dean is a 26 year old passionate young man whose life revolves around music! He’s a multi-genre House DJ that everybody who loves House should know about. Whether you like Deep House, Chicago House, Bass, or Tech House he is armed and ready to impress you with his selections by making you dance. Driven by passion and the rich culture in his home town, Jame$ Dean has taken off like a rocket landing gigs with big name producers and deejays such as Gene Hunt, Gene Farris, DJ Funk, Ron Carrol, Mike Dunn, Trentino, Farley, and CZR.

There is nothing stopping Jame$ Dean from becoming known around the world, from playing in Cancun and having his mixes played on multiple radio shows around the globe. His goal is to keep the House music going strong and opening people’s ears to music they never heard before. House music is a spiritual and this kid lives for the music. You can currently find him playing at some of the hottest venues in the Windy City.

Official website: www.facebook.com/DjJAMESDEAN

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