Jae Metaphor, newAGE


“A testament of life from eyes brighter than the city lights over the New York City skyline with dreams bigger than the universe. Grabbing inspiration from the fun reality while addressing and undressing every untruth. Combine that with modern day philosophies of living with roots and words sweet like coconut juice and you have the coming of the newAGE!”

Jae Metaphor is a 21 year old emcee born in Brooklyn, NY and now residing in Danbury, CT. Inspired by sounds of Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, The Beetles, Michael Jackson, and James Brown he bases his flow and lyricism off of Biggie, Rakim, and Lloyd Banks. Jae began taking music seriously around his sophomore year in high school when he, along with older cousin Hoody, recorded from two mixtapes in the basement with an old computer and Xbox microphone.

Although the production wasn’t what it could’ve been, the mixtapes were works of art that made people take a closer listen. Jae’s first solo album “newAGE” was released on August 28, 2014 after an entire year of recording, writing, and engineering. The album spoke on topics about life after high school, love, life, tragedy, and all around truth and honesty. It was produced by fellow Danbury natives The E and AoD. Take a listen and enjoy the beginning of a new age not only in Hip Hop but in music.

Official website: www.twitter.com/JaeMetaphor

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