J Tizzle, Eclectic Musical Style


J Tizzle (Jeffery Townsend Sr.) was born in South Bend, IN. This is where he lives and produces his music. J Tizzle began producing music in 2004 and over the years he compiled a variety of music. This has lead J Tizzle to present his music to the world.

Born in the Midwest J Tizzle is caught between the east coast, west coast, and the south sound. The three coasts influenced his love for many different genres of music. Music has been a love of J Tizzle since the first time he played his parent’s records on his Snoopy record player; he was hooked ever since then. J Tizzle is now focused on producing great music and growing as an artist.

J Tizzle has an eclectic and exotic musical style. This author likes to think of it as hip hop inspired world fusion, but that does not cover it completely either. He is well versed in trance/ambient and even pulls in classical elements and themes in his productions.

Learn more about J Tizzle on his Official Artist Website.

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