J Swift, Coolest Kid In School Mentality

J Swift Pic

With most new artists lacking the star power needed to breakthrough, J Swift can best be described as the total package and after listening it’s clear to see that he carries this allure without even trying. While adjusting his Tampa Bay hat, he calmly states “I’ve always had that coolest kid in school mentality.”

Now fuse the aforementioned presence with an illustrative flow and you have J Swift. His short stories have a universal appeal because he strives to cover various topics and concepts. Even with placements on television, film, and radio, J Swift still isn’t satisfied. When asked about his independent grind he simply replies, “I just want to be heard, the rest will fall into place.”

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Jswift813
Instagram: www.instagram.com/JswiftMusic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JswiftMusic
Email: jswift813@gmail.com

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