J.Roe, Relationship Driven Music


J.Roe was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and started out in the music industry writing and producing his own songs at the age of 7. He’s always felt that it was important to know the industry before getting into the music business. J.Roe’s music is different from other artists in this industry because he says what people may think, but won’t say. He also leaves out the hate and the woman bashing because it doesn’t send a good message to fans and he’d rather not go there.

The music J.Roe creates is very relationship driven. He talks about the kind of things that might be going through people’s minds. This comes from both perspective and experience from what people may be going through on a personal level. His album “Who Is Real Deal J.Roe” is available on iTunes.

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/YouTube: @Realdealjroe

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