J-RIEL, Anger of Angels

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Jeremiah Pingue, J-RIEL, was born on October 3rd, 1987 in Los Angeles, California and was raised in the San Fernando Valley. He was the older of 2 musically talented children in a Filipino family. By the time he hit 13 years old he was heavily influenced by Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP album and began writing his own lyrics. He soon realized how passionate about music he became that he took it upon himself to learn how to produce his very own instrumentals at the age of 14. During his freshman year of high school he was given the name Lil Ninja by people he went to school with. He started handing out copies of his first project Underground Dojo. All throughout high school he spent his nights recording new music and posting it all on MySpace.

Several years after graduating from high school, J-RIEL returned to doing music under his current stage name. He then did his first live performance at Webbers Bar in Northridge California where he was booed off stage by an unwelcoming crowd. He then took it upon himself to improve his skills and go back onstage soon. He then landed another live performance at Libertine Bar in Hollywood which was far more successful thanks to his 2011 hit song “Thirsty Thursday.”

J-RIEL was then later joined by other artists such as Antoine Notes, Razor, Mack The Shark, and Jayson Rose who he collaborated with to put together his 2013 mixtape Metal 2 Metal featuring hit songs “Crimson Eyes” (feat. Mack The Shark) and “California Stranger.” J-RIEL is currently active in the scene performing around Los Angeles, California at venues such as The Airliner and Universal Bar & Grill with his most recent 2015 releases “Ride Away” and “Anger of Angels.”

Official website: www.j-riel.com
Twitter: @Riel_SLoppy_Jay
Instagram: @j.riel
Facebook: @jeremiah.pingue
Soundcloud: @j-riel-1

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