J Luchiano, Lost Soul Found Gold


Justin Barnett, J Luchiano, is an aspiring artist from Erie, PA. After being hit with life curveballs and losing both of his parents and numerous friends by the gun and continuous jail stints, he looked to music. Currently living in Atlanta, GA he is best known for his versatility crossing from genre to genre to create a distinct sound that his listeners have grown to love. His ability to mix Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock has made him a familiar name amongst the Hip Hop scene. They refer to the talent as a volcano just waiting to erupt in the music industry.

Luchiano’s debut mixtape is titled “M.E. Mixed Emotions vol. 1” and was followed by “Ray Ban Life.” His current project “Lost Soul Found Gold” has increased his fan base and has his listeners on the edge of their seat in anticipation of his next work. He is currently promoting “Lost Soul Found Gold” by participating in local radio interviews, shows, and continual promoting.

With the proper drive, promotion, and dedication there is no limit to what Luchiano can do. Known for his delivery and catchy hooks it is easy to realize after a few moments of listening that he has what it takes. J Luchiano is the voice of the new era.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/j-luchiano
Twitter: @JLuchiano1
Instagram: @jluchiano
Facebook: @J.Luchiano


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