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Joshua Rieger, J-Keyz, was born in Stockton, California and moved to Lodi soon thereafter. Even as a baby, it was clear that he had a love for music. This love for music was nurtured and grew throughout his childhood. His talents and gifts for music have grown over the years through hard work and determination that have taken him to the next level. He has worked at professional recording studios in L.A. and the Bay Area with Grammy award winning producers and sound engineers and sat in the production booth during the production of Rockline, a nationally syndicated radio show out of L.A. that has been on the air 25 years.

J-Keyz has also worked as live sound engineer with production manager Eric Stock at the Grammy Museum doing live sound for a variety of artists including MGK, B.O.B., J. Cole, Dionne Warwick, The Fray, and many more. He has experience in studio, live recording, and production with a wide range of music including hip hop and rap, orchestras, big band, jazz, rock, country, blue grass, and acapella. While growing up in Lodi, J-Keyz has worked extensively with Mark Maier in his recording studio and on various live performances.

J-Keyz started his own production company called Spirit Lyfe Productions that offers custom beats, video editing, mixing/producing, and composition for film/TV. Some of the artists that he works with are Shireen Crutchfield from the group The Good Girls, Ricky Jones, DJ Stylez, and Jennifer Johnson. He is currently working at the Chapman University film school called Dodge College as their video system engineer. While working there he most recently composed the music for the trailer of the short film called “The Reckoning.”

Official website: joshuaj-keyzrieger.bandcamp.com
IMBD: www.imdb.com/name/nm7060912/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr6
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpiritLyfeProductions
Facebook: www.facebook.com/josh.rieger.90
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UChDyiskgATXwdryXDu4j8JA


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