J-Cool, The Purple Prince


Either a born naturally talented or an alien from another galaxy visiting Earth, J-Cool is remarkably an unparalleled force who doesn’t rest. From his versatile lyrical delivery to his unburnable energy, he’s undoubtedly a sight to be seen and even more so a marvel to be heard. From Valdosta, Georgia, to his current residence in Panama City, Florida, he is sure to bring the friction, the heat, and the fire wherever he goes.

With thousands upon thousands of independent downloads of his music by his ever increasing fan base, J-Cool is focused of giving the fans all they can ask for and indeed more. With a creative mind, an infinite imagination, and an uncompromising spirit to be the best in the industry, he was not only born to shine but born to ignite the globe with his radiant vibe.

As an exclusive artist signed to the independent powerhouse Silver Diamond Entertainment, it’s something like a match made in the cosmos. For the all-around premiere entertainer known as J-Cool, the world is definitely his stage.

Official website: www.jcoolmusic.net
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/jcoolakathepurpleprince
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jcooleastside


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