J Breaux, Nights.Like.This


Josh Breaux, J Breaux, is based out of Space City, Houston, TX, where he’s ready for NASA to navigate his rocketing career. He first delved into hip hop/rap when he first heard his cousins and older brother bumping 2Pac & Biggie, and the The College Dropout by Kanye West. At the age of 18, J Breaux began to take music serious and fell in love with the process. He makes for the soul and for the people; music you can vibe to and relate to, from the negative times to the good times. His upcoming project is titled A kNight Tape.

With goal to start performing for solo sold out shows and to tour the world, J Breaux is taking all the necessary steps to achieve that goal. And it’s all going start with one play at time. Are you ready for liftoff?

Soundcloud is where you’ll find his music catalog that’s sure to take your ears into a rotation around Earth. Boasting 6 tracks, his EP Nights.Like.This is ready for your attention. So sit back, buckle in, and be ready for the countdown.

Soundcloud: joshbreaux

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