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Itz Prof is a new-age/hip-hop recording artist from a small southern town you’ve probably never heard of located in south-western Virginia, far from the horrifying rap tales of the streets in New York and Los Angeles we’ve all become accustomed to. He is currently signed to the independent label 904 Star Productions located in Jacksonville, FL. Itz Prof originally started rapping at a very young age with a very strong influence from the late and great Tupac Shakur. After leaving Virginia for the midwest to Cincinnati, OH, Itz Prof found a different level of affiliation with the same game he had been involved with for years.

After arriving in Duval County, Itz Prof began to treat his music career like an actual job and recorded his first mixtape, “In The Duval.” After releasing the tape, you could find Itz Prof everyday at one of your local gas stations in the Duval County area handing out free mixtapes. Eventually one fell into the hands of the 904 Star Productions and they signed Itz Prof in early 2009. After label mate NB was incarcerated due to drug and gun charges, Itz Prof linked up with “We The Best” CEO DJ Khaled for the label’s first collaboration release, “904 Star Productions & DJ Khaled Presents: Like A Star (Free NB);” to this day it’s the label’s most successful mixtape gaining over 100,000 downloads.

After touring all over the South and the Midwest getting the feeling his music career was drying out Itz Prof decided to move to San Diego, CA to join in the bustling medical marijuana trade. After 2 years as CEO and running the non-profit medical marijuana collective The UnCollectively Collective, it was forced to close by the federal government. Since then Itz Prof has relocated back to his roots to the South-Western Virginia/North Carolina area as CEO and Owner of The Studio 336, North Carolina’s newest professional recording studio and is back to doing what he does best: music.

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