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iRome has an outstanding resume of making commercial catchy hooks as far as songwriting credibility goes. As an electronic/pop/rap artist, he goes a long way and can most of the time work with any type of genre. He explains, “Being a striving artist made me master my own craft and help other known artists. After a year of songwriting, I became tired of writing hits for others. I wanted to apply my talent to myself and grow. You have to be very careful in the industry, with favors, and it doesn’t matter how far deep you’re in it. When credit is due, executives and managers disappear. That’s the blunt truth. Anyone else would tell you the same.”

He says he learned to be aggressive from close industry friend Roscoe Dash, who helped him a lot morally when he began writing and singing.

iRome pursued his own music career as an electronic/pop/rap artist in Miami, Florida where he previously worked under hit maker Flo Rida with IMG StrongArm. iRome was co-signed by Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, and Roscoe Dash and afterwards worked with producer Chingy on an album. After the one year development he moved to Houston, TX and was signed to H-M Management in 2013 where his career rose!

iRome was cast and landed a role as a middle-eastern billionaire for the movie Fast and Furious 7 to be released in April, 2015 (IMDb). He just released his new video to his single entitled “Broke” on Vevo and Muze TV. Currently, iRome is recording in Los Angeles, CA and working on a second movie. He will begin his music tour in the fall with DJ Candy of Konvict Records.

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iRome – Broke

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