IRAHJON Keeps His Tenacity Strong

With lyricism and rhythm, IRAHJON’s making an impact­ in today’s music. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to take his work to pro status is inevitable. Don’t forget when you hear this Colorado based artist’s music on national and international airwaves that we predicted IRAHJON’s success.

This highly adaptable hip hop artist prides himself on being able to articulate and simplistically rap on any beat and or style. IRAHJON says, “The closest label pertaining to my style would be a Midwest lyricist with a dirty south flow of sorts. At 26 in 2017 I have been perfecting my craft for over a decade.” This artist is motivated and driven. His movement is labeled #KYTS which means “Keep Your Tenacity Strong” as he’s very tenacious in following his passion in life. With four tapes out now he’s ready to drop the fifth.

Before 2018 IRAHJON’s plan is drop RPDP2 (Rich People Don’t Pray) Volume 2. It’s the sequel to a previous project that he released under his previous stage name KENNERMAN. “I want to achieve the purest form of my image to have a super concentrated brand that I could introduce to the world. Completely finding yourself takes time. Even some established artists are still crafting themselves. I would like to work with everyone who even has a small amount of similarity with me, established or not, assuming they are just as skilled as me if not better. I need to spread to the world,” He adds in.


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