Introducing Money Skeens

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Money Skeens is a Militant Recordz artist from Jersey City, NJ. Raised in a rough city where fathers die at a young age and children turn to the streets, at the age of 7, Skeens lost his father and had to grow up early. He started off selling candy to make money for the household, but that wasn’t enough. Skeens became embroiled in the street life, no walk in the park. Now away from all that, he lives for his daughter Milan and is working to be able to give her a better life.

Skeens always had love for music but didn’t take it seriously until he linked up with fellow artist Scoot Money. Along with Young Oww, they formed the dream team known as Militant Recordz. Skeens is 5 mixtapes in and refuses to give up. If you’re looking for quality street music, this is it. Speaking on what he has seen and lived, Money Skeens is not your ordinary rapper. Download his latest mixtape “Under Surveillance” available on, and listen to his story for yourself.

You can check out more music by Money Skeens on SoundCloud at

Money Skeens – Intro

Money Skeens – Money Money Money Ft. K91

Money Skeens – Benches

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