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D.o. Gizzle is a hip hop artist from Saint Martin, a 37 square-mile island in the West Indies, divided into two with a French side and a Dutch side. D.o. was raised raised with good music, hearing to everything from Bob Marley & The Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, Lucky Dube, to Elton John, Phil Collins and many more during his childhood. As he grew up, he got really captivated by hip hop, remembering songs like 2Pac’s “Changes” and Snoop Dogg’s “Gin n’ Juice” playing on the radio and recording all the tracks he liked on cassettes. He started buying his own music, the first being Snoop’s “The game is to be sold not to be told”, and inspiration and lyrics started building up slowly leading him to start writing. Since then, he has bought all of Snoop Dogg’s cds and is still a big fan. At the age of 16, D.o left his native island and went to France to pursue my studies in International Trade, as well as to put more time in writing and working on my flow. With his two best songs he started recording, taking his music to the streets, then to the stage, then to underground and official mixtapes.

Having the opportunity to reside and visit various countries in and around Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas sets D.o. apart from many others in his position. Where as most US based artists in his position are not able to experience and absorb the different cultures, as well as work with a wide range of diverse upcoming producers from across those regions, he is able to include it into the music he creates. Being fluent in the French and Spanish languages also add another dimension to the lyrical content, adding a twist to the ordinary and sometimes blending all the languages together in one song to get the message across. D.o. works with the philosophy of motivation, determination, hope, hard work, and never ever giving up. Music is his life. No music, No life. And for him, if the front door of the hip hop scene just cracks open, he will kick it in, run all the way in and get the rest doors opened.

You can check out more music by D.o. Gizzle at

D.o. Gizzle – For The Hood feat. Devondre Jones

D.o. Gizzle – Harder than Crack

D.o. Gizzle – Hello Officer

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