Tribute To INKO

Rude Boy Magazine

Hip-Hop artist INKO was raised in the urban city of Winton-Salem, North Carolina. His rough childhood fueled the constant turmoil that eventually shaped the poetic artist he is today. He connects with his fans through every lyrical verse which indeed tells his story. One of INKO’s proclamations is “My pain is a gift”, which can inspire us all to believe that we too can live our dreams if we simply persevere through our struggles.

In the summer of 2012, INKO dropped his first mixtape entitled “Carolina’s Own”. Since then, he has traveled to various cities across the country from the ATL to Detroit performing and has also been featured on projects with other artists. With aspirations to join the ranks of major names in the hip-hop industry, INKO plans to drop a new EP Summer 2014 and release his first album Winter 2014. You can check out INKO on his website at


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