InDBlack, Bringing Spoken Word To The Forefront

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InDBlack is an ever evolving artist who’s a spoken word artist who became a young poet from knowing how to talk to women and how to listen to women. He began posting poetry online at and gained a following and recognition. Eventually, he earned a Writer of the Month accolade and was included in the first anthology put together by the website which still publishes to this day. In terms of music, he’s been in a few rap groups and parted ways to become solo artists to discuss topics that weren’t violence related.

He’s an entrepreneur and believes in himself highly. He taught himself how to do music videos and photography so he could blow myself up. Most of InDBlack’s career has been in the shadows of others and have only been recognized once for his prowess on the microphone as an artist. In 2011, he was nominated for Best Poet of the Year for the 352 Awards Show in Gainesville, FL. He’s worked as a videographer for Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Lil Flip, Juvenile, Lil Scrappy, Rasheeda, David Banner, T-Pain, TJsDJs, Ozone Magazine, Lil Boosie, Webbie, and countless others.

With much on tap, from performing in The Watson’s Go To Birmingham to photography/videography for his last recorded self-financed album If I Should Die, InDBlack is set to breakthrough this year. Amongst his goals he seeks to prove that spoken word artists are superior to rappers. Artists have a lot to contribute and rapping used to be cool. You needed a certain skill, now anyone can put hate and sexist lyrics out to the masses because it’s masked under a nice beat. InDBlack wants to reach 100K friends and fans this year and to personally thank them by being 100 whenever they meet him. He wants to bring spoken word artists to the front of music and pop culture.

Official website:
Soundcloud: offdachainz

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