INcrease, Inspiring To Follow Dreams

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Born and raised on a south Texas ranch, INcrease is charting a unique path to finding himself become a household name. INcrease is a pop/hop singer producer based out of Oakland whom after graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Chemical Engineering decided that his life’s mission lay beyond the halls of a lab desk. He has since released the single “My Projection,” has started performing at Bay Area venues, and is working on two feature music videos to promote his upcoming mixtape.

His sound is an upbeat blend between Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Pitt Bull, and Will Smith which he cites as influences. In his free time, he loves playing basketball and getting involved in charity events including mentoring. Beyond music, INcrease is poised to inspire people to live out their dreams through positivity and dedication following his example.

Be sure to check out his site,, to follow this inspiring artist as he marches his way to the top with his army of INcreasers worldwide.

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