Identity Krisis, Krismerica


IDK. What does it stand for? It stands for Identity Krisis. IDK is an alternative band out the small town of Clinton, MD who has made a dream a reality in the most pure way. A group of self-taught musicians and neighborhood friends came together in 2007 to create a band that stood as quite an anomaly for the area at the time where go-go ran the music scene. The mix of hip-hop and heavy rock elements made people wonder exactly what kind of the sound they were hearing. With that confusion IDK was born.

Years later they have dropped their debut album, “Krismerica,” which introduced the boys to the world and let them know that they are loud and they are here. They are currently playing shows all around the DMV and looking to spread the Krisis throughout the nation and the world. Keep your eyes open and accept the flag because they might be coming to a city near you.

Learn more about Identity Krisis on his Official Artist Website.

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