i29 Architects Design Magic with a New Amsterdam Residence

i29apartment     i29 apartment 2

An apartment has never looked this good. Yes, the Netherlands based interior design firm i29 Architects has done it again by designing yet another sensational living space in their beloved city of Amsterdam. This chic living space is truly remarkable.

Right on trend with the new wave of modern style apartments, this new luxury living space is a redesigned sensation. As a matter of fact, it was converted from its original structure (which had staff space, long hallways, and a lot of doors) into a living space that will take your breath away.

This gorgeous apartment is truly a piece of art. It features a kitchen with laser-cut floors and ceiling front panels painted white that give the illusion of open and closed cabinets (and that is just the start of the magic).

One of our favorite parts of the apartment is the spring of natural light that the atrium and the beautiful open staircases bring. Not to mention the alluring wall made of pinewood that connects the two levels of this two-story residency.

As mentioned earlier, this actually is not the first interior design sensation that i29 architects has created. As a matter of fact, the company has won several awards for their great work such as the Rotterdam Design award, the Dutch Design award, the LAI award, and the Great Indoors award.

I29 Architects has truly designed the next generation of modern style apartments. Visit www.i29.nl to see more of this company’s innovative designs.

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