Hunter Hundreds Is Running Straight To The Finish Line

Hunter Hundreds’ starting to leave an imprint in the music industry. Through his devotedness to music, the diligent artist offers cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur, don’t be surprised to see Hunter Hundreds in the biggest publications. Only highlight reel type of work can be expected from this emerging artist.

This Lorain, OH based artist is running straight to the finish line with no head start. “I keep it way too fucken real in my music. It excites me how many stripes I’ve earned and it’s dope how I can introduce it to the world through my music. I’ve been rapping since I was 15 and recording since I was 20 years old,” Hunter Hundreds points out.

After doing a couple of shows, and hosting one of them, he’s currently trying to produce his own music. Hunter Hundreds has five mixtapes in the pipeline including Gang that’s already had it’s featured single “Automatic” released to the online community. To stay up with this artists follow him on Instagram @ImHunterHundred and Twitter @ImHunterHundred.

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