Hound Da God, Serving Up A Wakeup Call


Hound da God brings a message that is both potent and invigorating. His music serves as a wakeup call to the Ghetto Geekz, the poverty-stricken youth around the world who have been taught to ignore their brilliance. His message: no matter the obstacles you face on a daily basis you can find a way to achieve anything. With influences from a mélange of artists, from James Blunt, The Doors, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye to Eight Ball & MJG, DMX, Tupac and Scarface, his sound fits the description of God Body Rap, a genre of Hip Hop that inspires, educates, and elevates. His music is a fusion of all things that make people fall in love with Hip Hop.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/gary-hound-black/sets/vice-city
Instagram: @HoundDaGod
Tumblr: @HoundDaGod
Twitter: @HoundDaGod


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