Hott Kitty Kat, The New Face of Hip Hop


“Everyone came to me and said if you can manage attorneys, then we know you can manage music artists.”

Hott Kitty Kat is a vivacious new female rap artist determined to make her mark on the music world. This multi-talented musician writes and records a unique brand of rap and hip-hop music that has attracted a global audience and thousands of loyal followers and fans. Hott Kitty Kat is introducing three new tracks to the public on her Soundcloud channel and the music is a stellar introduction to what is in store from this talented and ferocious hip-hop diva. Already an accomplished businesswoman with years of corporate experience managing civil attorneys she is following in the footsteps of hugely successful “self made women” like Paula Abdul, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

Hott Kitty Kat has also worked successfully in film and television making appearances on top shows like 7th Heaven and The Ricki Lake Show. As a top-level model for big name designers like Melanie Lane and the Notice Network, she has taken her place on the red carpets of Hollywood – even attending the Oscars. But her true passion is music and Hott Kitty Kat is determined to follow her heart and use her ambition toward her passion of rap/hip-hop music going forward.

The songs written and performed by her alter ego Hott Kitty Kat are catchy, heartfelt, and street wise. The captivating rap artist brings her own flavor and sex appeal to the productions she creates as she rhymes confidently about broken love, celebrating life on the dance floor, and making heaps of money. Although the young entrepreneur has already established herself as a leader in the industry, Hott Kitty Kat remains committed to helping other artists. Her company gives musicians a head start in the music business by connecting them with record companies and labels that will support their song placement


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