Ho$ef, Stylistic Lyrical Mastermind


Brooklyn born and Long Island raised, Ho$ef, is a stylistic lyrical mastermind. His reckless, but yet fashionable lifestyle throughout high school and college, fuels the vigor and intricacy in his lyrics. The name Ho$ef is derived from his thirst for cream and his way with women. His rap style, as well as a taste in his delivery, are influenced by Jay-Z, Biggie, 2pac, Nas, and Kanye West.

Raised only by his mother, Ho$ef was faced with the same struggles as those alike. Despite obtaining a partial basketball & academic scholarship at Indiana Tech, Ho$ef spent most of his college years partying, hustling, and chasing loose women. Although never releasing an official mixtape while in college, he did manage to write and record over a 100 songs in the comfort of his dorm. After Cool & Dre’s review of his past projects in 2008 they responded, “The Lyrics are definitely there and with the right producer Ho$ef could be a force in the music business.”

After years of legal troubles, Ho$ef finished off school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business. Ho$ef then released his first studio album titled “I’m Not Afraid to Fly” on Dec. 31st of 2010 and since then he has performed across the U.S. ranging from The Key Club in Hollywood, CA to the The Local 269 in Soho, NY.

A common expression used in his songs “#Solar” is how he defines himself as an artist, spatial. In July of 2011 Ho$ef released his 2nd mixtape titled “M.A.R.S.” which is an acronym for Murdering Artist Reviving Souls and it only confirmed his legitimacy as a talented artist. Upon receiving positive feedback for “M.A.R.S.,” he then released “Fuck Earth” in the summer of 2012 which featured “Ray Charles” and “Money & Girls,” two of the most alluring songs on the mixtape and also spurred the forming of the Solar Space Gang.

Ho$ef released “Higher Learning,” his 4th official mixtape, in the summer of 2013 which takes you deeper into the life of the young artist and his ability to paint vocal imagery. With songs like “Hustle N Flow” and “Boyz in the Hood” you can envision that mold that developed the young artist.

Most recently Ho$ef delivered a Weedsational EP “Blue Dreams” catered to stoners and weed tourist. Following the release, Ho$ef rocked a show at Cervantes Other Side in Denver, CO during the 4/20/14 weekend. Stay tuned for more updates.

Learn more about Ho$ef on his official artist website.

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