You Will Remember Hoopz

Rude Boy Magazine Christian Shantell Knox, better known by her stage name Hoopz, was born in Tuscaloosa, AL. At an early age with her love of music already very apparent, she began performing for her family whenever and wherever. By the time she was 10 years old, she had begun to write her own songs. With music and singing coming naturally to her, Hoopz diversified her skill set at the age of 13 and included rapping into the mix. In a self-built studio created by her cousin, she first got her start with free-styling and recording. These early sessions led to collaborations with various local independent musicians, which fostered key relationships with producers, engineers and session musicians. After purchasing recording software of her own along with the necessary equipment that would facilitate home recordings, she spent many hours perfecting her craft and developing the act that has gotten her mass appeal in her home town of Tuscaloosa. It was during the time she was in the 9th grade that Big Boy Entertainment provided opportunities for her to do live performances, which led to the creation of “Kodak,” her first mixtape, a radio station interview and ensuing music videos. Now, Hoopz has the experience, attitude, talent and team necessary for her debut onto the music’s main stage. Check out Hoopz on SoundCloud at Hoopz – Theraflu Remix Hoopz – Live @ Stir Auburn

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