Hooks X Status, Death In Threes


Hooks X Status is a duo where Hooks contributes vocals and Status does vocals and production. Together they’re both from the Cadava Crew from the Mile High City, Denver, CO. Though they’re considered artists from the “box state,” it’s never let them be boxed in. They make aggressive music sarcastic in tone, but based in the reality of exploiting our modern times.

Hooks X Status’ influences are derived from the gangster rap days of their early youth to their metal/hip hop teenage years. The duo is pushing the envelope of pop culture with their music, exploring, and moving forth the underbelly of popular, and unpopular, society.

Hooks X Status started in 1996 making demo tapes and playing parties. By 2012 they had over 500 live performances including opening spots for Jedi Mind Tricks, Tech9, Everlast, GZA, and more. Currently they have 2 studio albums that are available on iTunes. The crew they work with has released 15 albums collectively, but as a duo they’re promoting Hooks X Status: Death In Threes (HxS3). It will mark their 3 studio release.

Facebook: CadavaCult
Soundcloud: status-cadava-bod-a-a

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