Holiman y Ube, Engaging A Listener’s Attention


Holiman y Ube is a Latin-Urban music duo from Las Vegas, Nevada founded in 2012. The focus of the duo is to mix authentic Latin American music with today’s world trends like Hip Hop, House, and Dubstep providing the listener not only with music to dance to but also music to listen to. The duo loves writing about partying and having a good time, but when they write love songs the lyrics are deep and meaningful engaging the listener’s attention.

Holiman (Yusnier García) was born in La Isla De La Juventud, Cuba. As a kid he used to love painting and coloring but it was at 10 years of age that he discovered his love for music and poetry in general, which developed him in the rapper and lyricist he is today. He arrived in the US in 2000 and quickly began working on music until he started frequenting a church. That’s where he met Ube and then both started making Latin Gospel music and also a secular album. Besides being a great emcee rapper, Holiman is also a producer, composer, and lyricist.

Ube (Ubelio Fernandez-Tabet) was born in Las Tunas, Cuba. Since he was a little boy he was the main entertainment attraction of his block and childhood neighborhood; everybody wondered how could a little kid sing in tune and know all of these romantic songs by heart. Turning 13 he picked up the guitar and discovered his passion and love for music. When he arrived in the US he started playing at churches leading worship. He met Holiman and started working on a Latin Gospel project and a secular project as mentioned before. Besides being a musician with knowledge of various instruments, Ube is also a composer, producer, and is studying Opera, Jazz voice, sound engineering, and photography and video on his own time.

Official website: www.holimanube.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/holimanube
Facebook: www.facebook.com/holimanube
YouTube: www.youtube.com/holimanube
Instagram: @holimanyube
Twitter: @holiman_ube

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