HEIROW, Resuscitating A Lost & Dead Relationship

HEIROW Yves edit 1

Usually the memories of friendship calls for heartwarming, nostalgic tales of how the friendship started and stayed a strong true bond; however, HEIROW’s tale is different. Casey J. Wiseman-Souliere – littered with betrayal, addiction, self-indulgence, and a lack of moral value – left the brotherhood HEIROW and Ryan Mowery behind in a drug driven course of unfortunate events. Ryan Mowery riddled with health problems and disease took a turn for the worse. Both in current health problems, as well as dealing with the loss and feelings of betrayal all caused by someone he considered a brother, someone he thought he knew and loved, Casey J. Wiseman-Souliere.

Reality suggested that life would never be the same after these events took place. The power of music resuscitated the lost and dead relationship between the two and gave birth to the music sensation HEIROW. Casey J. Wiseman-Souliere took the stage name Boobie Miles and Ryan Mowery took Ra-Taktiks. The duo’s only focus is to display versatility and a vast variety of musical influences. Residing in Maine, the two are underway writing and producing their very first project which remains untitled and has yet to have a release date.

The project sheds light on the events that took place between Casey and Ryan in a classic story type album. Both perspectives are represented in solo songs and the two shed light on situations from their point of view in songs which are written by both of them. Strongly focusing on originality and content, the duo wants to only release original, mindful work regarding their projects. In the meantime they frequently release singles displaying their artistic and complex point of view as a duo and single artists.

Twitter: @heirow207
YouTube: @Heirow 207
Facebook: @heirow207
Soundcloud: @heirow
Email: contact.heirow@gmail.com


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