How Can He Be So Heartless

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20 year old Heartless from Robbins, IL has come a long way with music. A rapper since 7 years old, he started rapping because he felt there was no way to explain how he felt other than within his music. As a child, Heartless had many people telling him he would not make it as a musician nor would he do anything, and he let it get to him for a while until he learned how to prove them wrong. As Heartless got older, he started to do many shows and open mics, filling every song he wrote with passion. People would ask him “Why is your name Heartless? It’s obvious you have a Heart,” to which Heartless would reply, “My name is Heartless because I spit ruthless rhymes, and because I rap so enthusiastically.” Heartless now goes to Columbia College in Chicago, where he is studying Audio Acoustics and still making his dreams come true. You can find Heartless latest album Worries Of Darkness on Itunes and Amazon.

You can check him out on his website as well as listen to moreof his music on SoundCloud at

Heartless & Grizzly Atom$ – Truth Be Told

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