The Heart and Soul of J. Linx

Rude Boy Magazine

J. Linx is a hip-hop artist from Havelock, NC. Even though he never had a music lesson in his life, when he started making music at 18, he was building his sound from absolute scratch. An open topic assignment for his graduation thesis is what started the spark for music, with his final project being to make a song after his research. Now only 2 years into the game, he has already started separating himself from other artists with his work ethic. Once he started he fell in love with it  making music, giving him the knowledge of what he wanted to do with his life. He has learned the business, the engineering and the production of it all himself, even going so far as to start an independent label, Lion’s Den Entertainment, which will be launching it’s official website soon. J. Linx give much respect to his fans and their support, reaching out to them and interacting with them when he’s on stage, calling them his “ChainGang”. Taking over one day at a time, J. Linx is always expanding his team and his business, always on the lookout for new artists, videographers, photographers etc.

You can follow J. Linx on Twitter @linx252 and check out his music on SoundCloud at

J. Linx – Heart & Soul Feat. Keagy

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