Haze Brown, Hip Hop Reincarnated

Graffitti Haze

The Garden State is no stranger to fostering musical talent and has given us the likes of The Fugees, Redman, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi. And that nurturing will continue with the introduction of Haze Brown. Raised in the streets of Newark, New Jersey wasn’t a cakewalk for the aspiring artist as despair surrounded him, yet he’s used his environment as the fuel to make his voice shine with music. He’s used Hip Hop as an influence that’s aided him to see the silver lining within his neighborhood and it’s opened a new outlook from artists like Outkast, Ludacris, DJ Quik, Beastie Boys, and countless others.

Haze is on a mission to show that Hip Hop isn’t dead, instead it’s alive and well with every project he releases. Taking a page from old school Hip Hop, he drapes it’s style across all his work with a unique spin that is often referred to as Hip Hop reincarnated. His newest album, $10theRAPhy, is a therapeutic guide to help one find the perfect therapy session. It’s filled with hypnotic rhymes, melodic vibes, and with guest spots from Al Miller, J-Sweetz, and Paris LaFrenchie.

The first single from the album is SpaceCataz, a space themed ballad for the out of this world smoker, very mellow yet futuristic. Check out Haze Brown’s attached social media pages and website for more music.

Official website: www.OfficialHazeBrown.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/hazebrown
Twitter: @RealHazebrown
Instagram: @realhazebrown


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