Hazard, Provoking & Moving

edit Team JCOB (49)

Stepping up to the mic, powerful lyricist Hazard transforms allowing the music to flow from his soul delivering an explosive performance that his audience is quickly able to connect to his unparalleled wordplay. His main purpose as an artist is to create music which provokes and moves you; that’s what makes him not the average rapper.

Hazard has a phenomenal ability to focus and draw on raw emotions quickly being inspired by ideas. He can create foot tapping finger popping music; however, he has the propensity for soul jerking lyrics that will leave you wanting more. He is currently working on a 7 song EP. With his music available for free on Jango, once that play button is pressed it’ll give you a taste of this dynamic artist.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jarett-hazard-sizer
Jango: www.jango.com/music/Haz+zard
Twitter: @hazard_JCOB
Instagram: @HAZARD215


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