H-Croxx, Cameroon Tycoon


Cameron born artist H-Croxx migrated to the United States at a tender age with his family in search of life, peace, and pursuit of happiness. During that process, H-Croxx, who had been a fan of music, started writing his own raps at age 13.

Upon graduating from High School, H-Croxx decided to peruse music full time but with resentment form his mother. He put his music dream on hold for a Bachelor’s degree. While at Coppin state University, H-croxx was a student researcher, a Mcnair and Maxi-collier scholar.

H-Croxx later graduated top of his class with (summa Kum Laude) honors. In 2010 H-croxx decided to complete his masters at Gallaudet University (the only deaf university in the world). Because of the unique nature of this environment, H-Croxx was yet faced with a lot of isolation which eventually spurred him to start writing music and record in the dorm during spare times.

On May 18 2011, H-Croxx music finally reached the desk of a prominent UK A&R. He was later singed to Panache Records where he released his debut album “Strange Mission.” Its first single, “For My People,” boosted over 100k views in a few short weeks. He later released “Nothing To Something” and “Where Have You Gone.”

Since then, H-Croxx has been working on more music. He recently released a new single “Fed-Up” from his new mix tape titled “Cameroon Tycoon.”

H-Croxx believed music shapes the way we think, talk, love, share, and grow. He also asserts that his music is timeless and carries unconventional wisdom, relevant to the world we live in.

H-Croxx, who is also a poet, scholar, philosopher, who has earned 3 Honorary Doctorates degrees, and is currently a second year doctorate student in the field of education believes, “Educating the youth of yesterday will enhance a better world for tomorrow.”

H-Croxx’s music is inspired by a sprinkle of African culture, American life style, educational civilization, and respect for humanity. Some prominent artists who inspired H-Croxx are Bob Marley, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar.

H croxx, has performed in colleges and several carnival events. In addition, he has been interviewed by VPS studio in Maryland and Listern Vision of Washington DC.

H-Croxx is here to change the game with word play, articulation, poetic service, and philosophical wits. H-Croxx likes to read, workout, listen to music instrumentals, Yoga stretch, and practice sign language with his mentor.

H-Croxx is also a skilled actor. He recently made appearances in several movies including Redemption, Native Doctor, and Retaliation. He continuous to write music and he is a strong supporter of children’s education.

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