GxDRYCH, A Diverse Sense Of Style

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Bred in the cauldron of Hip Hop, New York, GxDRYCH is unlike most NY Hip Hop artists since he was given the opportunity to move around the United States that introduced him to all Rap music styles ranging from California to New York and all that’s in-between. What he gained was familiarity and how these places solidified their significance in the culture.

Before the power of the internet and the widespread ease of sharing music across the world, Rap styles were much more prominent and distinctive to their place of origin. When you listen to GxDRYCH, you don’t know where he is from. There is so much skill and detail in his music and lyrical ability that every element can leave you in pure awe. “The meek shall inherit the Earth” and that is exactly what happens when you take a kid who came from nothing and feed him the hunger and desire to be and do more.

Official website: www.GxDRYCH.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/GxDRYCH
Twitter: @GxDRYCH
Instagram: @GxDRYCH


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