Graphik’s Focus Is On Building A Large Fan Base

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When it comes to being musically inclined, first generation Nigerian American Graphik’s a seasoned pro in the music business and has made a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening. Don’t sleep on Graphik because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up his sleeve that’s purely unexpected.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, he grew up in the famed city with one foot in in the hood and the other in Nigeria. His influences are reflected in his music as heavy bass and drums are featured in his music along with the west coast vibe. Graphik’s song content strays from the typical narrative as he tries to take a real approach to life in the city, the struggles, the joys, and the strangeness that it comes with. The three year veteran of music is also a part of the collective called Creative House Collective.

He’s performed at numerous shows in the Inland Empire/Riverside area and his immediate goals are to increase his fan base and to get his singles heard. Once Graphik’s fan base is big enough he’ll drop a mixtape titled A Graphik Novel. He’ll also continue to make great visuals to go along with his tracks.


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