Grant Brotherz, Show Me


Grant Brotherz purely stand out with their unique sounds and styles that further the development and image of their music. As music artists as well as an entrepreneurs in the music business, do not be surprised to see their faces on the biggest publications. The Toronto, Canada natives came together when the youngest brother in the group (Dylan) forced his older brothers Duran and Brandon to commit themselves to creating music. Once they came together, they began recording, freestyling, beat making, and producing their tracks with a lot of hard work and dedication. And their passion for music goes back to when their father would play the music artists of his era and it has influenced the Grant Brotherz to create a unique sound.

Grant Brotherz have accomplished many things on their musical journey. A few of their notable accomplishments is performing at Dundas Square in Toronto and performing live on television. Also, with their newest single “Show Me,” they are garnering attention with its catchy hook and smooth vibe. Being in the music business can be hard at times, but they keep going because of their passion for music and support from fans, family, and friends. Music is something they’re very passionate about and from a few of the accomplishments the Grant Brotherz are climbing the ladder to stardom.

When you listen and feel the rhythm of “Show Me,” the sound is definitely different from other songs you hear. What makes “Show Me” different is the passion and melodies that provide an exceptional feel. With “Show Me,” Grant Brotherz are bound to gain mass exposure and provide the masses a different style of music.

Official website:
Soundcloud: grantbrotherz

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