Grand Theft Auto V Online: “I’m Not a Hipster” Update Available

Rude Boy Magazine

We at Rude Boy Magazine love the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and have since we were young. GTA V is frankly one of the best games to be released recently, and it’s online companion is no different. Today, Rockstar Games has released an update to the online piece of the duo, entitled “I’m Not a Hipster”

In true hipster fashion, the update features retro print tees, animal masks, upgradable hairstyles and most of all skinny jeans. The update takes a sarcastic approach for individualism and the emo lifestyle. Seven brand new vehicles are also featured in update including. Crew members will probably have the most fun online traveling the Los Santos and Blaine County streets in those high pursuit chases we all love.

The update is available now on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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