Gran Centennial, The Philadelphian Prodigy

Gran Shot

Gran Centennial was born and raised in Philadelphia were he started his career in music. Hindered by the code of the streets he found himself doing what the streets led him to believe, surviving. Hustling and serious related crime duties dictated that life was slowly slipping away and death was fast approaching. His inspiration growing up and now includes Jay Z, Nas, Jadakiss, Biggie, Rakim, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, and the list goes on. Spending years of his life in the legal system, and looking up to the older people in his circle, he soon came to realize that something had to change if he wanted to survive and one day make it as a Hip Hop star. Success didn’t come without opposition. It shaped his behavior, his character, and most importantly his morals and values.

Gran has had his share of opposition in his life, but he never quit living life. His faith in God, his family, and himself have propelled him through great obstacles to put him at his current position in life. While serving a sentence in prison he realized that he was his only enemy. Rapping is his gift and he has used it to open the world’s ear to his sound. His songs are about real issues that people of all walks of life can relate to. Rap artists have been rhyming about hustling, living in the ghetto, and the perils of street life since the dawn of Hip Hop. What makes Gran different is his unique approach to tackling these subjects on his highly anticipated debut album, “The Philadelphian Prodigy.”

Gran raps about his days hustling on the crime-ridden street corners of his native North Philly but does not preach at his listeners while lecturing them to live righteously. Instead, his lyrics are laced with ghetto-weary “been there, done that” sentiment that implies there is life beyond the block. For now Gran is on a mission and anyone who feels that mission is not important think again. He is determined to be heard and he will be. His new single, “Big Boss Man,” hits the streets in the summer of 2015.

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