The Gospel According to Meme. B Jones

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It’s no secret that at the beginning of Meme B. Jones‘ career, she strived to be an R&B artist. During that time she opened up for some great mainstream artists like Bridgette Kelly, Sunshine Anderson and Grammy Award winners Tank and Kandi Burruss. After her first R&B single “Did What I Had To Do” was released, a transformation started to take place. Her image, attitude and whole sound converted over towards Urban Gospel. People took heed to her new sound, interested in what she had to say. She began to work with producer Mario Maitland, who helped shape the Meme B. Jones you see today. She started to perform at various churches spreading the word of God through music, sharing the stage with some great Gospel artists like Uncle Reese, Canton Jones, Da Truth, Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, Jonathan Nelson, and Le’Andria Johnson just to name a few.

“It’s by His Grace and His Mercy that I’m still here,” Meme B. Jones says. “That line is my whole testimony in a nutshell, as it is for many of us,” and it became the first line in her new single, “Grace & Mercy” that was released June 20th, 2014. Currently, Meme B. Jones is working hard on releasing her first album, titled “Middle Man Be Transformed,” aiming to be released at the beginning of 2015. She hope that her music will not only inspire people around the world, but also save souls along the way.

You can check her out on her website at

Meme B. Jones – In the Session Part 1

Meme B. Jones – Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

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