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“This was not something I had always dreamed of. I’ve always loved music but never envisioned myself actually becoming an artist and pursuing a career.”

From Bloomfield, NJ, Christopher Goodwyn was the kid with a backpack full of mixtapes running through the halls of his high school trying to get his sound heard. He reached out to his followers on social media and made merchandise with his brand on it. All the advertising and promoting paid off for the now 23-year-old recording artist.

Christopher more commonly known as Goody, or 2 Shoes, describes his appearance in the music industry as a pick it up and run with it kind of thing. Over the last 5-6 years Goody has become more confident and skillful in his music. As he became more and more tied with his passion, his writing and performance skills blossomed. However, he is not doing it alone. Along with a few other people he started a group called Fuckthequality Enterntainment. FTQENT (Goody, Boz V, TravThaGod, Champ) began the #LsUP movement which represents “1 Love” and the power that comes with unity. Goody and his team have been performing at shows in various locations to continue to spread their name and music.

Goody’s music, or G2SMusic, could be compared to a box of chocolates: “you never know what you’re going to get.” He takes pride in the versatility of his music style. He guarantees a “dope track” no matter what he’s dealt.

By Maya Elizbieta Harris

Official website:
Instagram: @2Shoes_ and
Twitter: @LyfesRealGoody

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