Goody Gunz, Indestructible Real Doe Entertainment

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Born and raised in north Philly, Goody Gunz was one of three kids to Elizabeth Sanchez and Angel Sanchez. Growing up as a kid, he was always into Hip-Hop and showed desire at an early age. While in high school he was forced to drop out due to being involved and mixed with the wrong crowd. During the years of dropping out, he was creating music but had to take a break due to becoming a father to his first born.

Goody’s ear for music always was there, but real life situations became more real as time went on. In the late 90s early 2000s, he formed a team called Gunz and Cannon featuring his close friend Voice1. Time passed and the dual parted ways but continued to be really good friends. This past year he had to lay to rest his close friend as well as another. Gunz uses tragedy as motivation and drive that he delivers in every song. Growing up in north Philly, there’s no way to escape the reality of poverty, prostitution, drugs, and death. You learn to accept it or let it eat you alive.

Goody’s music has inspired people in their worst of times. Goody’s recent projects, which started in the beginning of 2014, was a reminder that hip-hop still lives and the canvas was only covered with washable paint. He now represents the Indestructible Real Doe Entertainment with partners well vested. This is just a glimpse of what’s yet to come for Goody Gunz.

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