GoldenB, Dedicated To Perfection


GoldenB is an artist/producer who works out of Vancouver, Canada. He was introduced to hip hop around age 10 when his older brother played him a few tracks off the Bone Thugz N Harmony album ‘E. 1999 Eternal.’ He was infatuated with their song-like delivery and creative flow and instantly became a hip hop fan.

A few years after graduating high school, GoldenB moved to Vancouver, Canada and attended Pacific Audio Visual Institute (P.A.V.I) where he graduated at the top of his class from their music engineering program. Soon afterwards, he began rapping over his own instrumentals and after a year (and over 100 songs produced, written, and recorded), his dedication to perfecting his craft is paying off.

He is currently working on his sophomore mixtape ‘Development 2.’ It will be entirely self produced and will feature tracks with Young Giftz, Adrian Lau, and Monster Mike. GoldenB is a young talent who has a bright future to look forward to!

Learn more about GoldenB on his Official Artist Website.

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