Gil Thompson A.K.A GT Brings Tears To Listeners

Gil Thompson A.K.A GT is a real lyricist ready to take hip-hop by storm. An Allentown, PA born emcee. He’s not only in it for the music, but also to positively impact the lives of others. His style is a mix of complex wordplay with a high metaphorical caliber. He is versatile enough to give the crowd many different musical flavors. He can take hip-hop to the next level with revolutionary sound and die hard true hip-hop lyricism that will start a new wave of musical genius!

His career highlight is bringing tears to the eyes of a 20 year old and a 60 year old during a show with the same song. GT states that moment “proved to me that the songs I write are special and can really touch everyone’s soul.”

GT is currently dropping singles. His singles “What up” featuring Lazo and “Got it made” featuring Nahdi NewSense are both available on his website. Be on the lookout for 3 more singles set to drop in the next few months.

Official website:

Soundcloud: gilthompson987

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