GhostWryter, Never Basic


Born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana, GhostWryter is a lyrical force to be reckoned with and how he got into the hip-hop game is just as interesting as his lyrics. After being suspended in middle school at the age of 13 for a fistfight with a fellow classmate, he went home and saw his cousin rapping on his porch while on the computer. At that time, he knew nothing about producing music or anything. Urging to get some things off his mind, he recorded his first song ever with just a microphone while holding the speaker so that the sounds could be captured.

Needless to say from that day forward hip-hop became a passion for him. His music is “never basic” which means everything written is based on his everyday life; music that’s real. GhostWryter still continues to record music and is currently working on the release of his highly anticipated EP. Follow @ghost_wryter.

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