Geno Da1, Benz Parker


Born Eugene Robert Vargas on August 11, 1992 in Homestead, Florida, Geno Da1 is the most anticipated upcoming artist out of South Florida. Geno brings his highly competitive spirit into the hip hop world after playing basketball for most his life and overcoming being homeless for 4 years and watching his father battle the addiction of prescription pills and alcohol. Geno started to express his life and surroundings through his music.

Making the transition from the courts to the booth in 2012, Geno Da 1 got a opportunity to work with mega producer Mike Gonsolin and Lexi Banks in Los Angeles, CA in early 2014. That’s where he started ghostwriting for multiple studios across California

Geno Da1 debuted his “EXIT 2” EP on October, 3 2014 on his return to south Florida showing the world the highly artistic flow with a majestic boom bap feel over modern and classic instrumentals. Mixtape reviews gave it 4 out of 5 mics. Now looking to capitalize on the music industry, Geno Da1 will be releasing his new mixtape, “Benz Parker” in July 2015 after his 4 week cross country tour. Be on the look out for Geno Da1 accompanied by HDMI and Monsters IInk. Coming to a city near you.

Learn more about Geno Da1 on Twitter.

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