G.B., Off To The Races


As an artist and artist developer with Conquer Entertainment, G.B., StrictBizz, is an east coast soulful Hip Hop artist hailing from outside of southwest Philadelphia. Music has been ingrained since his youth as he recalls waking to the booming sounds of his older brother playing Rap music on the radio. His earliest influences were rappers Outkast, Canibus, Eminem, and Jadakiss. During his adolescence G.B. formed the Rap group Two-Three and began performing to grow the brand. Till this day he continues to work with the group since each member contributes to bettering each other as an artist. As a solo artist G.B. will be evolving his career with Conquer Entertainment.

G.B’s fast paced raw lyrical ability and punch line rap style speaks to all people and the use of clever metaphors, and relevant content, speaks to the heart of today’s problems. He wants to inspire those who are oppressed by their everyday circumstances and is using music as the spark plug for motivation. It has been said that his lyrics and voice puts listeners in a hypnotic zone. Beyond being an artist, G.B. wants to become a Hip Hop philanthropist enabling his non-profit organization to be the catalyst for sending positive messages to the youth.

G.B.’s ready to blow up and share his Hip Hop skills, messages, and life experiences to the public and his fans. As a musical veteran of 10 years, G.B. has only marketed and released one major project titled The Nice Guy That Finished First (2013). Now with a 2 year affiliation with Conquer Entertainment the Off To The Races campaign is in motion with the 1st EP, For The Soul, available for purchase. The follow up EP, For The Streets, is set for an end of the fall release and will feature E Ness (formerly of Da Band); platinum recording artist Maino; Cysserro; and two of the hottest up and coming artists in Philly, Blade and Phinatic. Come 2016 the For The Record album will be public and feature vocals from Stephen Wise (former Stevie Wonder backup singer), G.B.’s mentor. It will be a prosperous new year as his camp is scheduled to strategically release soulful Hip Hop bangers immediately as well.

Official website: www.getconquer.com/gb
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/g-b-strictbizz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gbstrictbizzoftwothree
Twitter: @StrictBizz_GB
Instagram: @gbstrictbizz


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