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Eric Brown (November 16, 1990), better known as Gator, is an American rapper from Orlando, Florida. Brown was giving the name Gator from always saying it on tracks such as “Trust No B****, n Powered Up,” but sometimes throws in “GDawg” as a tribute to a slang term of Orlando. Brown played football for Ocoee High School and ran track & field for Piedmont Middle. His mother is of Jamaican descent, born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to the states at 12 years old. She meet Brown’s father around 16 and gave birth to Brown at 17. He rarely saw his biological father growing up, although he was well aware of who he is Brown once expressed that he doesn’t know his father like he knows his step-father.

Brown was raised on the west side of Orlando in Pine Hills, but also moved around a lot as a kid. At 15 he relocated to the east side of Orlando. At Colonial High, Brown was caught with a controlled substance along with three other classmates and was kicked out for 3 months. In order to get out of facing felony drugs charges at 17, he participated in teen drug classes so the school would drop the charges against him. He returned back to school in March but dropped out before the year was over with. That wouldn’t be his last run in with the law. Over the course of years he has been in the county 6 times and was almost facing prison time for felony burglary in 2010.

Brown dropped “Swagglando” as an independent artist on, has been featured on H.M.G (Zombeatz Production) “The O Vol.2” mixtape, and worked with other artists outside of FL and locally. Brown released “Face Gator” in January of 2011 and in March of 2012 released “Face Gator 2: Apply Pressure.” He hasn’t released any mixtapes lately, but has released new music on Soundcloud. Now working on new music, he’s scheduled to release a new tape later this year.

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