GALILEE, Signed By Convulsic Records


GALILEE also known as We Are GALILEE is a collective group of artists, musicians, djs, songwriters, and producers whose mission is to create hi-fi electronic music that goes beyond the limits of traditional EDM. Using elements of industrial and dubstep to house and electro, GALILEE is creating a buzz and sound all it’s own.

Recently picked up by new minted Convulsic Records (home to Convulsic, one of the world’s top ranked dubstep artists), expect a new EP titled “Arrival” out December, 2014.

You can also hear GALILEE’s remix for Hollywood actress/entertainer Darcy Donavan (of Anchorman) “SupaBad UltraBad Remix” featuring A Tone tha Priest and OnPlanetZu in the Asylum horror comedy Coed and the Zombie Stoner. The remix made it to #9 on iTunes Radio charts earlier this year for EDM.

Learn more about GALILEE on their Official Artist Website.

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