G.Todd’s Eminence Entertainment Group Is A Platform For Artists

This Wisconsin based artist is starting to make listeners ears perk up with a style that’s true to himself. G.Todd’s talent is quickly developing, and moving forward he’s looking to go from local to global. With each new release, G.Todd will get closer to reaching his dreams and mass recognition is only suitable after the hard work he’s put in.

Originally from Freeport, IL, he has always been interested in music, it began with dancing when he was 4 years old. At 13 he began to play drums at his church and became interested in making music. In 2006 he established Nxt Platu Productions in order to work on the production of music for other artists. After realizing that this was the career path that we wanted to pursue he attended Madison Media Institute and received a degree in Recording Engineering and Production in 2007.

In 2011 G.Todd established Eminence Entertainment Group, an entertainment company designed to showcase the musical talents of others and to provide a platform for them to express themselves. Most recently he finished and released his third album entitled #ParksideProdigy which is his best body of work yet, with beats that are undeniable and well thought out lyrics this album can and will stand the test of time.

GTodd has also recently finished his first feature film entitled Delight in the Mountain where he was responsible for recording all of the audio for the film as well as landing a role as Dr. Kudo. Currently, G.Todd is working on projects for other artists under the Eminence Entertainment brand.

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